Medication Compounding: Tailored Products For You!

Medication Compounding: Tailored Products For You!

What sets Mustang Drug apart from the rest is that we specialize in compounding medications. We offer a wide variety of compounded medications from over-the- counter to prescription drugs. We compound all of our medications in house. We have a specialized lab on-site where we are conveniently able to compound medications specific to patients needs.  


Here are some of the most common questions we get about compounding:


-What is compounding?


Compounding is preparing customized medications tailored to the needs of the patient. Instead of providing only standardized, commercially available medications, we can make medications specific to each patient’s need. 


-Why would someone need a compounding medication?


Compounding offers many benefits. We can ensure the medications you use are preservative- and allergy-free and can add flavoring so that it is more palatable for you or your pet. For our patients who aren't able to swallow pills, or just prefer not to, we can often change the prescription from an oral tablet to a cream that can be applied directly to the skin. This often leads to less side effects, since the medication doesn't go through the digestive tract.


-What kind of medications can be compounded?


o  Hormone Replacement Therapy

o  Pain Management Therapy

o  Sports Medicine

o  Veterinary Needs

o  Dental/Dentist Offices

o  Elderly

o  Infants


-Is compounding safe?


Our pharmacy follows strict guidelines and processes to ensure compound medications are made efficiently, accurately, and safely. All compound medications are tailored to the patient, so if there are side effects or allergies from certain products, these can be removed to provide the safest product possible.


-Do compounded medications require a prescription?


While most compounds require a prescription from your doctor, some are available over-the-counter.   Mustang Drug makes pain creams for arthritis and joint pain, sprays for canker sores or mouth pain, and ginger root lollipops for nausea that can all be purchased without a prescription.


-How long does it take to make a compounded medication?


At Mustang Drug we usually like to go by the rule of three to five days to get your medication ready for pick-up. While this is just a standard time, we suggest that patients call their refills in ahead of time and/or that patients with new scripts understand that it may take us a few days to order specific ingredients for their specific prescription. With that said, many compounded medications may even be available the same day depending on what the medication is. Contact us to see which compounds we have in stock and when your medication could be available! 


-Will my insurance cover a compounded medication?


This varies from patient to patient depending on their insurance plan and what the medication is. While most insurance companies do not cover compounded medications, we always make the best effort to be sure you can afford your medications. We do always recommend that patients try to submit paper claims to their insurance for reimbursement. We accept most major insurance companies, call us today to see if you are covered at our pharmacy! 


As always, contact the staff at Mustang Drug if you have any more questions!